Jul 272014


Glenfield College has a rich and colourful history, dating back to 1969, when the school opened. Thanks to Robert (Bob) Martin, we now have access to digital versions of all our yearbooks dating back to the school’s opening. The new alumni site will be launched soon, making pdf downloads possible for any past or present students and their families. Till then, press on the concert band photo above, to see more photos from the school’s history.

Jul 272014


On Thursday the Yr 10 students travelled to Long Bay Reserve to help with the planting of 1500 native plants. They worked so fast, they were finished by lunchtime, which was just as well as it rained soon after. Well done to all the Yr 10′s!

Click on the image to see a photo gallery of the day (Photos courtesy of Neil Davies and Nigel Snookes)

Jul 272014

Fish Dissection

The traditional use of dissections at high schools has become less common in recent years, but still has a very useful role in building depth of knowledge  and memorable experiences. The Yr 12′s are currently comparing the physiology and adaptations of fish, mammals and insects, which is greatly assisted by hands on learning. (Photo courtesy of Neil Davies)

Jul 022014

Indi King ShakeIndi King 2_1

Anfernee Sapon, a year 13 student in Glenfield college speaks on his recent win with the Bollywood troupe at Indi-king, and about dance in our school.

What made you want to join the Bollywood team?

“Growing up as a kid I always loved dancing and coming to Glenfield College, I saw an opportunity in the notices that there was a Bollywood troupe audition, so I tried out and two days after I got in and was so happy, and so proud of myself. I met experienced dancers and they taught me things that I’d never learnt before.”

“The best part of being in the troupe is having a family and coming into the theatre and feeling welcomed. Not caring about what they think about you because you’re with your family.”

You guys are pretty dedicated, how much do you practice a week?

“5 days a week, Intervals, lunch and after schools”

How has winning the competition effected you?

“It hasn’t changed me at all. I still stay humble, I’m still the same person. As a dancer you can’t be at your best all the time. You can always get better even if you’ve experienced a lot, you can always get better.”

Lastly, is there anyone you’d like to thank?

“I’d like to thank the amazing Brigitte Knight and the whole troupe”