Mar 242015

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On the 18th of March 2015 Glenfield College took the stage at the ASB Polyfest. “An awesome performance”, “Talk of the day”,  all the compliments that were given to us, but  with each performance comes a long and tiring journey before it.

For what seemed like the longest eight weeks of our lives we trained lightly then as the time drew nearer practises became more intense and we started to learn more about the true meaning of “kapahaka” and “whanau”.

Some may say that kapahaka took up all our time. In some cases that’s true, in most not so much. Kapahaka became our lives. It’s what we ate, slept and breathed. You see there are two completely different meanings between time and life. One is what you try and fill, the other is who you are.

For a few members in our group this was the first time in a college roopu, or as we see it Whanau. For four of us it was going to be our last stand. This was a long and emotional road to Polyfest, but from our first practise to now, you can see just by looking at us that kapahaka has changed us from strangers, or those we sometimes see in the playground, to a family that carried each other to our battlefield, or as we all know it “POLYFEST”.

We went there with a “Who are you?” name and left there with people asking “Where is that Glenfield College from?”. We were literally the talk of the day. We were recognised as a competing school, and not just a school that was there for a day off.

We had excellent performances and the highlights being:

1st Waiata Tira- Pirangi ahau

3rd Moteatea- Maia te Tipua

3rd Manukura Wahine- Leeah Chou-Lee Ryder

All this would not have been possible without our parent and teacher helpers.

Whaea Anne, Matua Hone, (Staff) Jono and our wonderful supportive whanau (who are to many to mention), you are all wonderful and our whanau are forever greatful.

With final words to my family Te Kareti O Kaipatiki

“Whāia te iti kahurangi ki te tūohu koe me he maunga teitei”

“Aim for the highest cloud, for if you are to bow down to anything, let it be the highest mountain”.

Mar 202015

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On Monday the 9th and Tuesday the 10th of March 27 level 2 students attended a PE camp. The Camp was at Motu Moana Activity Centre in Blockhouse Bay. Here the students participated in a variety of team challenges to understand how groups work together and the stages of group development. Students worked as teams in ABL challenges, built stretchers to carry each other, participated in orienteering and even battled it out in an evening song challenge. The final group challenge was the adventure obstacle course where a member of their group had to go through the course blindfolded while two other members were tied together for the challenge. The students were fabulous on camp and entered into the spirt of all activities making it a rewarding and entertaining two days. We have already noticed a difference in the quality of written reflections from students on the camp and hope this will result in quality assessments.

Ms Colliar (HOD PE and Health)

Mar 102015

imagesIt is compulsory for all students in Years 10 to 13 to attend school for a goal setting interview of 20 minutes on Tuesday 17th March. School uniform must be worn for student in Years 10 to 12, and Year 13 must dress well. We urge all parents or caregivers to attend as well. If parents or caregivers are unable to attend, students are to book a time with their teacher mentor.

Online booking instructions:

Bookings are opened on Tuesday 10th March.  You will need a current e-mail address to book this way.

To access the School Interviews website, click here

When you access the website you will need to enter the code QRK37 to access the Glenfield College staff in order to make bookings.  When you have entered the code, you will need to enter your details and from the drop-down box on the left hand side, select ‘All’ and this will show the list of all teachers. When you have chosen the teacher mentor for your child, he or she will be presented on screen with their booking times.  Choose your time and then exit the site.  You will receive an e-mail to confirm your booked time. You may alter or cancel bookings by re-entering the School Interviews website.

If you do not have a current e-mail address or do not have internet access:

  • For parents, please ring the school office on 444 9066 during school hours and one of our staff will make the bookings for you.
  • For students, please see your teacher mentor for an appointment time.
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Mar 102015

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Prior to the Christmas holidays, the North Harbour tag team was selected to compete in the New Zealand Tag Nationals. This team included four girls from Glenfield College: Leeah Ryder, Rona Wharawhara, Florida Fatanitavake and Anzia Singe.

The girls were incredibly dedicated; but be that as it may, they had never competed in a tournament of this calibre. To some this would have been a setback. However, according to them it was simply a driving force to work even harder. In preparation, they voluntarily underwent intense military-styled training sessions orchestrated by their coach, Johno Johnson. “Basically, they were told that they would have to push themselves beyond what they had pushed themselves in any other sport,”  said Johnson.

Training was difficult; it was not your average run-around-the-block workout session. Instead, Johnson focused on strengthening not only their physical abilities, but also their state of mind. “We had massive tyres that weighed probably as much they did. The Idea was to flip the tyre and keep going and going until they couldn’t go any more. It wasn’t so much about strength training, it was more about attacking the object. Like in the game, attack the team.”

According to the team, the entire ordeal brought them a whole lot closer. For the weekend of the tournament they stayed in the Glenfield Whare. “I think that was the key to it really. Although we had been coming together over the holidays, I think living together, eating together, laughing together, crying together and all those sorts of things definitely helped, and the girls would be the first to say it,” said Johnson. If there is a lesson to be learnt here it is, as coach Johnson put it, “If you are willing to work hard for something; be it at school, be it a career, be it a sport, then you’re going to get the results.”

The student’s dedication and commitment to the game ultimately lead to success. North Harbour went into the tournament as the self proclaimed underdogs and came out the proud owners of a well-deserved first place trophy.

Interview Written by Monica Sayani

Mar 092015


Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 3.38.36 pmHinekura’s Head Girl speech at the 2014 prize giving, struck at the heart of what makes Glenfield College unique. She clearly describes how each student is valued and respected for who they are. Hinekura begins her speech in Maori, then swaps to English for the duration of the talk. Numerous school photos have been used to make the video.

Mar 062015

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