Sep 262014
some_animals_intelligent_0312 Physics 9.30 till 3.00 Tuesday 7 Oct
13 Physics 9.30 till 3.00 Wednesday 8 Oct
12 Biology 9.00 till 12.00 Friday 3 October (Rm 14)
Scholarship Biology 9.00 till 12.00 Monday 29th September and 1.00 till 3.00pm Friday 3 October (Rm 14)
Yr 11 Science, all 3 externals, 9.00 till 1.00, Tuesday 30th September
Yr 12 Chemistry, 9.00 till 3.00 pm Wednesday 1st October
Yr 11 and 12 Algebra, 11.00-2.00, Monday 6th October.
Yr 13 Stats, Probability and Distributions,11.00-2.00, Tuesday 7 October
Yr 12 Calculus, 11.00-2.00, Thursday 9 October
Senior Art Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of the second week (8th, 9th, 10th October),  the art rooms and A3 will be open for senior art students completing folios.
Sep 262014


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As a form of a social action for Level 3 Sociology, a pamphlet was created in order to raise awareness and gain support from the wider community. The pamphlet covers the issues of Name Suppression and what you can do to take part in the campaign. We urge you to read it and get behind the campaign, showing your support! – Kayla and Janet (year 13 students)

View the Pamplet Here newsletter

Sep 242014

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The Year 12 Biologists made the ferry trip to Tiri Tiri Matangi on Wednesday in order to learn their population genetics in greater depth. The weather was just right for the visit. The students were guided around a section of the island viewing the translocated bird species before listening to an informative talk on genetic drift and the difficulties of maintaining successful breeding programmes.

Sep 232014

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On Thursday 18th September we warmly welcomed parents to an evening in the Staffroom to update them on the progress of our Year 11 Pasifika group and future plans for this group of students. We also invited parents of our current year 10 students who will be involved next year.
 We have tried lots of different ways this year to help our Pasifika students achieve and this evening was an opportunity to celebrate this, enjoy some refreshments together,reflect and look towards the future.
Sep 192014

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Heath Rattey is an ex-pupil of Glenfield College, and is currently going through a really hard time. He has been diagnosed with 2 brain tumors, both in critical locations. His partner Alex, is currently fundraising to get him life saving surgery in Australia. Since Sunday, she has helped to raise over $45,000 of the $150,000 they need. They have 3 weeks to raise as much as we can- its a huge task, but if they can get the whole community involved they might just do it.

Here is a link to Heath’s give a little page. Please help out if you can.