Apr 112014

One of our students had this to say after their Project K organised sky dive.

“Skydiving was probably the best experience of my life so far.  Although jumping out of a plane at over 10,000 feet in the air was scary, I loved it and I wouldn’t mind doing it again.  I’m very grateful towards Project K for giving me this opportunity and I would highly recommend skydiving to anyone”.

Apr 092014

48HrTwo student teams spent last weekend furiously making films for the 48hr Film Competition. Leaders from both teams went to AUT City Campus on Friday night for the start. There they received the film genre for the film they were to make, along with a character, prop, line of dialogue and camera shot that all needed to be included. Arneth and Lawrence’s team had ‘Puzzle’ film genre and Nicolette and Shannon’s team had ‘Revenge’ genre. Both teams completed their films on time handing them in with about 10 minutes to spare on Sunday night. The films will be posted on Youtube after they have been shown at a theatre this week.

Photo courtesy of Robert Vanderlaan

Apr 012014

Duke of Edinburgh photo (1)

Glenfield College has a number of enthusiastic students involved in the Duke of Edinburgh Hillary

Award this year. They have just received their Bronze booklets and are on their way to completing

their Bronze Award. These members will take part in four separate focus areas which are: Service,

Skills, Physical Recreation as well as an Outdoor Pursuit. Each major section ranges from 3 to 6

months in duration. We wish these girls the best on their chosen endeavours.

Left to Right: Kayley, Annaliese, Cheyenne, Lily, Abby, Jasmine.

Absent: Julia and Elana”

Photo courtesy of Andrew Kingston

Apr 012014


On 19th March GC music students visited the Whittaker’s Music Museum located on Waiheke Island. This privately owned and operated museum of musical instruments houses a wide range of antique instruments (most of the instruments are over 100 years old) such as pianos, organs, harpsichord, dulcitone, harmonicas, piano accordions – plus other rare instruments. One of the most precious and interesting items in the Whittaker’s collection is the 9 foot concert grand piano once owned by the famous Polish pianist, Ignacy Jan Paderewski. He visited NZ in 1897 as part of his world concert tour and subsequently sold his Bechstein (the piano) to a local family which then owned the instrument for three generations.
Students enjoyed a lively and informative presentation which focused on the history of each instrument and the musical period for which it was designed, as well as the music performance by the two owners– Lloyd and Joan Whittaker.