Jan 192015

Key Start of Year Dates

Wednesday 28 January: Year 11, 12 and 13 Course Confirmation – check the post below to see if you are required to attend.

Thursday 29 January: Newly enrolled students at all year levels and Senior Support Students of Years 12 and 13. Students to be at school by 8.45am and assemble in front of the school office.

Friday 30 January: Day One of 2015 begins for the entire school at 8.40am, finishing at 3.10pm

UNIFORMSUniform Information

STATIONARY: Yr 9 Stationery 2015Yr10 Stationery 2015Yr11 Stationery 2015Yr12 Stationery 2015Yr13 Stationery 2015

SCHOOL FEES: Y9 Fees 2015Y10 Fees 2015Y11 12 13 Fees 2015

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Jan 162015
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 Happy New Year to all our students. We hope you are having a great break.
Course confirmation for the students on the lists below only, are on Wednesday 28th January .
NOTE: All students who were originally not allowed into certain courses due to the fact they had not yet met the requirements, but have managed to meet the requirements after the exams, are also required to be there.
Only the following students on the lists are required at the confirmation sessions.
Dec 052014

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The Legend, that is Kathryn Whillans is retiring at the end of this year after over 35 years of dedicated service to Glenfield College and Drama education nationally. Former student, Craig Parker, appeared by Skype from Canada to give a moving message to Kathryn at her farewell yesterday. Other long standing members of staff, including Graeme King, Chrissy Jones-Major and Margaret Sullivan also spoke. They enlightened the staff and friends gathered, of Kathryn’s long career in drama and strong pastoral care abilities. Former students also remembered their involvement with the drama department and the effect Kathryn had on their lives. To conclude the speeches, Kathryn spoke of her long career, finding her way into Drama teaching, her training in England and return to NZ, where she took up her position as HOD Drama at Glenfield College. Kathryn mentioned that the weeds in her garden better look out now she will be at home a little more.

Dec 032014

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Yr 10 students have designed and made garments  from Polar Fleece. They used either a Onesie or Hoodie pattern and adapted this pattern by adding pockets and hoods.

The students added their own personal touch by applying design to the garment using lace and trims or appliqueing a design. They planned and managed their own projects to ensure that they meet the due date.